Lighting tips & tricks to illuminate your home

Lighting is the most underestimated element of interior design out there. While we can spend not hours, but days searching for perfect furniture, even perfect details and ornaments, we often speed things up when it comes to lighting. After all, how hard it can be to find a light source?

If you really want your home to be warm, balanced in its expression, stylish and sophisticated, the way you choose and utilize lighting fixtures have to reflect that. Let’s mention something that is just an overlooked common sense statement – bright and sharp light make you feel more alert and awake, while dim and ambient solutions are relaxing and inviting you to sleep or just dream away the problems of the day. Now just imagine of all the variations that exist between these two extremes and you can begin to grasp the importance proper lighting has for an overall feel and aesthetic of your home.

Feel maybe a bit overwhelmed? No need to worry, because we’ve got you covered! Here you will find some simple but efficient tips and tricks that will help you illuminate your home in style!

Always make a lighting plan

When beginning with your redecorating efforts, take some time to create a mini-brief lighting plan that will cover all the essentials. Try to think about the activities that will take place in every room – eating, relaxing, working, socializing and other. Then try to think about the key features of the room that you would like to highlight. But don’t let the possibilities overwhelm you – always keep the architectural limits in mind and try to think how the layout of your home can limit your ideas.

With this in mind, you can begin considering the style, scale, output and color of the lights before rushing into big decisions (and hits on your valet!). After all, early planning always ensures less issues later on and when you’re doing something as important as redesigning your home, you certainly want to avoid those rushed last minute decisions.

Take a layered approach

Several light sources will almost always be better than just one and the reason is fairly simple – with light fixtures positioned across the room on different levels, the ambience and interest in the room are sure to follow. The best advice we can give you is to always try to use lighting in such a way to make the most out of a room’s size and shape. For example – upwards lights make the room feel bigger and add to spaciousness, while low hung pendants can create an illusion of height. While big lights can create a more formal atmosphere, clusters of small lights are prefect if you are looking for that warm, cozy vibe.

Never compromise on functionality

Are you now thinking about all the aesthetical possibilities before you? Well, we are glad, but don’t get carried away! All the aesthetic expression and character won’t do you much good if you choose the lighting solutions that are simply not right for what you need. For example, cooking will require direct and concentrated light, so downwards light with a bit of upwards refraction is certainly a better option than diffuse one. Similarly, for reading, you will need flexible and directional lighting that can be aimed away from you. Don’t forget that you can always install dimmers to easily change the atmosphere of your room gradually, while at the same time being very energy efficient.

Not all bulbs are the same

Too much thought put into lighting solutions will pay off only if you pay equal attention to the choice of bulbs. Some of the things you should definitely need to keep in mind include the brightness you need which is directly related to the power of the bulb, then the atmosphere you are going for which will be determined by the color temperature and whether a given fixture is a focal statement or an element of design.

Spotlights draw attention

If you have some décor elements that you would really like to stand out, you can easily use lighting to draw the attention. The element in question can be architectural, piece of furniture or something as simple as a collection of vintage photos on your accent wall. If you point the spotlights to the center of a dining table, you can create an inviting atmosphere, while symmetrical lights arranged on either side of a statement mirror or above the fireplace can add a completely new layer of warmth and elegance.

Consistency is the key to success

The general theme, color schemes and materials of your lamps should be more or less consistent throughout your home. Too many different styles can easily create a sense of clutter and uneasiness. Brighter light will open up a space, make it appear larger and add interest, while dimmer one will create a sense of luxury and coziness. However, mixing the two will simply create a sensation of imbalance, so always keep it simple and consistent.

Hot interior design trends for the spring of 2019

Slowly but surely, the snow is melting, the cold wind is getting quiet and the memories of cold, grey, cloudy days will soon fade away with an explosion of colours, smells and new memories waiting to be made!

So, it is a perfect time to take a look at the hot interior design trends that await us this spring! From comebacks in big style to some true surprises, it looks like 2019 is going to be a very vibrant and exciting years where everything is about you!

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Wabi-Sabi and the aesthetic of the imperfect

One of the trends that is really catching on fast is sure to bring delight to all the fans of exotic décor styles out there. Wabi-Sabi (侘寂) is a philosophy and a concept that comes from the traditional Japanese aesthetics that is based around transience and imperfection. With a thing for simplicity, austerity, roughness and simplicity, Wabi-Sabi readily embraces the imperfection and fading of the material. Combining minimalism with rustic elements, this décor trend is coming in full force in 2019 and if you are keen on catching up on this trend, keep your eyes open for some handmade ceramics and beautifully flawed, decayed and asymmetric aesthetic details.

Round, flowing and organic lines

While the past year saw a strong revival of sleek and elegant minimalism with uninterrupted straight lines and angles, the spring of 2019 is coming with a flair for soft and inviting vibe of rounded furniture elements. If you are a fan of oversized ottomans, plush couches, curvy and expressive lounge chairs designed in the spirit of mid-century style, you are in luck! This year, round, flowing and organic lines seem to be what all the hype is about.

Herringbone patterns all over the place

I know what you will say – herringbone has never really been out of style! While I am close to agree with you on that one, I am not talking on traditional wooden floors pattern. This season, herringbone is coming to leave a mark on – well, almost everything! From small décor accents to whole walls patterned in such a way, it seems like you can’t go wrong with this stylish and lively pattern. Be sure to combine it with some bold and vibrant spring colours for maximum expression and a modern feel.

Tropical prints and retro posters

Ok, let’s face it – full-wall prints have had their days and are rather odd most of the time today. It’s rare that they make a comeback, but in spring 2019 it seems like retro is back in style stronger than ever before and with it, we can see a new love for floral and tropical prints flourishing all over the place! And if you don’t want to risk with a full-wall print just yet, we have some more good news. It seems like framed retro posters with tropical and botanical motifs are again hip and in style. This can be an amazing opportunity to take part in this new fad while still keeping it subtle.

Gilded details for a vintage look

As the hype about sleek urban black-and-white minimalism is fading and giving way to warmer retro aesthetic, so are the chromed finishes going out of style, giving way to classic brass that will give your aesthetic accents a vintage gilded look. Vintage, brushed and even super-shiny brass finishes are the way to go in 2019, so you are free to experiment. If you like the Wabi-Sabi thing I mentioned above, rustic brass might be the best choice for you. But if you’re not ready to give up on your sleek minimalist expression just yet, add some polished brass details for a bit of glam.

Warm, natural and rustic

If you made it this far, then you must have seen this one coming. And it’s not really a surprise – natural and rustic elements never seem to completely go out of style and most of us are used to them always being somewhere near, ready to find their way into our homes yet again as soon as we thought that we’ve seen the last of them. With Wabi-Sabi aesthetic and tropical prints, wooden accents, rustic concrete vases or leather drawer pulls seem to come to full prominence, adding a completely new level of warmth and sophistication.

Home office in casual style

Home offices have been almost a must for some time now. Even if you’re not a freelancer and you’re not bringing your job home, it is highly likely that your study or dedicated internet-surfing corner is looking a bit like an office. In previous years we’ve seen a lot of attention being paid to serious elegance and sophisticated vibe of your workspace, but let’s be honest – if you’re not expecting any business meetings in your home, your office or study should be all about you. In spring 2019 this is more true than ever before with playful prints, motivational posters and strong personality being in the focus.