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Exploration of replica industry continues today with byKALLEVIG, a fairly new addition to the market which is starting to impress early in its way to the top

My experience with byKALLEVIG

Have I missed anything new in the world of mid-century design enthusiasts? Certainly seems so, because all the buzz about byKALLEVIG among my friends caught me a bit off guard. Who are these guys and why haven’t I heard about them before?

Well, it seemed to be high time I check them out as they seem to be catching some attention on the market, make some test orders and see how they compare to the competition.

Now, one thing that cannot be over-emphasised is the fact that reproductions of mid century modern furniture are present on a very, very competitive market and it is not easy to break through. This in turns leaves many of us sceptical about the reality of a good offer as opposed to good marketing. But, byKALLEVIG ended up being a real treat for us here!

The offer is very versatile and covers all the classics of the mid century era, plus some less known works which I have been glad to notice. Some of the chairs are completely unfamiliar to me, so byKALLEVIG is either working with some very good suppliers that have access to rare and not so popular mid century designs, or are employing artists to do the design for them – neither option is clearly specified at the website, so we are left guessing about this one.

It might be important to mention that when it comes to their chair offer, not all of the designs featured there are something you would necessarily want to get for your home – some are better than others, and that is just a fact. If I were working at byKALLEVIG, I would probably be very eager to actually reduce the offer and eliminate couple of odd designs that seem to be popping up among the time-tested classics.

Lamp offer is a different story altogether – it is hard to find a lamp there which isn’t a classic in itself. And while some models are leaning much more heavily on industrial design legacy than on mid century modern, they certainly don’t disappoint and offer an aesthetic that can easily match both design movements.

We were all very pleased to see some classic Scandinavian mid century lighting fixtures, including those originally created by probably the biggest names of Scandinavian light architecture from the era – Arne Jacobsen and Poul Henningsen. So, for our test order, we decided to go for combination of the two, plus the Eames DSW chair in cashmere upholstery (as that variant was a new thing for us).

Following the purchase, we were provided with all the necessary legal info, including their return and refund policy, method of shipping and estimated delivery time. I have to mention that information was concise and to the point – no misleading moments and no fine print to catch you later on. With byKALLEVIG, you can be relatively sure in your buyer’s protection.

On the other hand, this kind of info and a very prompt customer service are necessary when the delivery date overshoots the estimated one and panic starts kicking in. Still, we cannot complain about delivery time too much, as it was just a couple of days later than the estimate.

We got all our designs delivered in one go and were free to immediately check them out. The Eames chair in cashmere was very nice (although not all of us in the team liked that type of upholstery on a traditionally plastic chair), and the lamps looked absolutely flawless. Not sure what exactly is their secret for combining such affordable price and exceptional quality, but the combination is sure to earn byKALLEVIG a prominent place on the market and a number of positive customer reviews.

Judging by the number of experiences with byKALLEVIG posted online, it seems like this company is a relatively recent addition to the market, but if they manage to maintain this level of quality, we have no doubt that they will certainly get to the top of competition.

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